Apache Beam Playground: An interactive environment to try transforms and examples

What is Apache Beam Playground?

Apache Beam Playground is an interactive environment to try Apache Beam transforms and examples without requiring to install or set up a Beam environment.

Apache Beam Playground Features

Apache Beam Playground

  • Discover transform examples that you can try right away by browsing or searching Catalog that is sourced from Apache Beam GitHub
  • Supports Java, Python, Go SDKs, and Scio to execute the example in Beam Direct Runner
  • Displays pipeline execution graph (DAG)
  • Code editor to modify examples or try your own custom pipeline with a Direct Runner
  • Code editor with code highlighting, flexible layout, color schemes, and other features to provide responsive UX in desktop browsers
  • Embedding a Playground example on a web page prompts the web page readers to try the example pipeline in the Playground - e.g., Playground Quickstart page

What’s Next

Please reach out if you have any feedback or encounter any issues!