Apache Beam has a logo!

One of the major benefits of Apache Beam is the fact that it unifies both both batch and stream processing into one powerful model. In fact, this unification is so important, the name Beam itself comes from the union of Batch + strEAM = Beam

When the project started, we wanted a logo which was both appealing and visually represented this unification.

Thanks to the amazing work of Stephanie Smythies, the Apache Beam project now has a logo.

drum roll - Presenting, the Apache Beam Logo!

Apache Beam Logo

We are excited about this logo because it is simple, bright, and shows the unification of bath and streaming, as beams of light, within the ‘B’. We will base our future website and documentation design around this logo and its coloring. We will also make various permutations and resolutions of this logo available in the coming weeks. For any questions or comments, send an email to the dev@ email list for Apache Beam.