Apache Beam Katas

We are happy to announce Apache Beam Katas, a set of interactive Beam coding exercises (i.e. code katas) that can help you in learning Apache Beam concepts and programming model hands-on.

Beam Katas objective is to provide a series of structured hands-on learning experiences for learners to understand about Apache Beam and its SDKs by solving exercises with gradually increasing complexity. It is built based on JetBrains Educational Products. Beam Katas is available for both Java and Python SDKs. Currently we have about 20 lessons that cover Apache Beam fundamentals, such as core transforms, common transforms, and simple use case (word count), with more katas to be added in the coming future.

To start with the courses, you can simply download IntelliJ Edu or PyCharm Edu and then browse the integrated Stepik courses from the menu. Search for “Beam Katas” and once the course is loaded on the IDE, you’re good to go.

We have plans to add more katas covering more topics including some of the intermediate and advanced ones in the coming future, such as windowing, streaming, and use case patterns. We would also like to welcome you to contribute by building and adding more katas that you think would be useful for people to learn more about Apache Beam, and eventually become Beam Masters!

Beam Kata - IntelliJ Edu Beam Kata - IntelliJ Edu Beam Kata - PyCharm Edu Beam Kata - PyCharm Edu