Apache Beam Presentation Materials

Are you interested in learning more about Apache Beam or giving a talk about Apache Beam? Excellent! The Apache Beam community has created this collection of materials to help you get started. The community periodically reviews these materials to ensure they are accurate and up-to-date.

Using these materials

These materials can be used by anyone. If you do use these materials, please remember to give credit to the authors cited in each presentation. These materials include speaker notes and you can view them by clicking View and selecting Show speaker notes. Some presentations have [Long] or [Short] in their name, such as the Apache Beam Model, which means there are two different presentations (a long and short version) depending on your needs and time constraints.

If you have any questions about these materials, please ask on the user@beam.apache.org mailing list.

The Apache Beam community is looking for feedback on these materials to improve them over time. If you deliver a presentation based on these materials, we’d love to hear from you on the user@beam.apache.org mailing list. Please share your thoughts, questions you were asked, and (if available and appropriate) a link to the recording of your talk so the rest of the Apache Beam community can benefit from it.

Contributing new content

The Apache Beam community is always looking for new core content and contributions!

If you are interested in contributing new content, we recommend you first search the Apache Beam repo to see if your idea currently has an open issue. If it does not, send an email to the user@beam.apache.org mailing list or open a new issue in the Apache Beam repo using the website component. Based on community submissions or contributions, the Beam community collaboratively reviews or creates new content and then adds it to this shared space for everyone to use.

Corrections and updates

If you encounter missing, incorrect, or out of date material, please make a comment in the presentation or send an email to the user@beam.apache.org mailing list.