Become a Committer

An Apache Beam committer has write access to the repository for merging pull requests, but you don’t have to be a code contributor to become a committer. Becoming a committer means that you have the project’s trust. Read the ASF documentation for more about being a committer in the Apache Software Foundation.

The PMC makes someone a committer via nomination, discussion, and then majority vote. We use data from as many sources as possible to inform our reasoning. Here are some examples:

The PMC has assembled the following set of guidelines for becoming a committer.

An Apache Beam committer…

Takes many forms

There are many actions other than coding that build the trust we place in a committer - code review, design discussion, user support, community outreach, improving infrastructure, documentation, project management, etc.

Knows, upholds, and reinforces the Apache Software Foundation code of conduct

See the ASF documentation. In particular, they manifestly strive to:

Knows, upholds, and reinforces the responsibilities of an Apache Software Foundation committer

See the ASF documentation.

Knows, upholds, and reinforces the Beam community’s practices