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Merges multiple PCollection objects into a single logical PCollection.

By default, the coder for the output PCollection is the same as the coder for the first PCollection in the input PCollectionList. However, the input PCollection objects can each use different coders, as long as they all contain the same data type in your chosen language.

When using Flatten to merge PCollection objects that have a windowing strategy applied, all of the PCollection objects you want to merge must use a compatible windowing strategy and window sizing. For example, all the collections you’re merging must all use (hypothetically) identical 5-minute fixed windows or 4-minute sliding windows starting every 30 seconds.

If your pipeline attempts to use Flatten to merge PCollection objects with incompatible windows, Beam generates an IllegalStateException error when your pipeline is constructed

See more information in the Beam Programming Guide.


Example: Apply a Flatten transform to merge multiple PCollection objects

The resulting collection now has all the elements: “Hello”, “World”, “Beam”, “Is”, and “Fun”.