Use Bigtable to enrich data

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In Apache Beam 2.54.0 and later versions, the enrichment transform includes a built-in enrichment handler for Bigtable. The following example demonstrates how to create a pipeline that use the enrichment transform with the BigTableEnrichmentHandler handler.

The data stored in the Bigtable cluster uses the following format:

Row keyproduct:product_idproduct:product_nameproduct:product_stock
11pixel 52
22pixel 64
33pixel 720
44pixel 810
import apache_beam as beam
from apache_beam.transforms.enrichment import Enrichment
from apache_beam.transforms.enrichment_handlers.bigtable import BigTableEnrichmentHandler

project_id = 'apache-beam-testing'
instance_id = 'beam-test'
table_id = 'bigtable-enrichment-test'
row_key = 'product_id'

data = [
    beam.Row(sale_id=1, customer_id=1, product_id=1, quantity=1),
    beam.Row(sale_id=3, customer_id=3, product_id=2, quantity=3),
    beam.Row(sale_id=5, customer_id=5, product_id=4, quantity=2)

bigtable_handler = BigTableEnrichmentHandler(
with beam.Pipeline() as p:
  _ = (
      | "Create" >> beam.Create(data)
      | "Enrich W/ BigTable" >> Enrichment(bigtable_handler)
      | "Print" >> beam.Map(print))


Row(sale_id=1, customer_id=1, product_id=1, quantity=1, product={'product_id': '1', 'product_name': 'pixel 5', 'product_stock': '2'})
Row(sale_id=3, customer_id=3, product_id=2, quantity=3, product={'product_id': '2', 'product_name': 'pixel 6', 'product_stock': '4'})
Row(sale_id=5, customer_id=5, product_id=4, quantity=2, product={'product_id': '4', 'product_name': 'pixel 8', 'product_stock': '10'})

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