apache_beam.tools.utils module

Utility functions for all microbenchmarks.


Check whether given module has been compiled. :param module: string, module name

class apache_beam.tools.utils.BenchmarkConfig[source]

Bases: apache_beam.tools.utils.BenchmarkConfig


a callable that takes an int argument - benchmark size, and returns a callable. A returned callable must run the code being benchmarked on an input of specified size.

For example, one can implement a benchmark as:

class MyBenchmark(object):
def __init__(self, size):
[do necessary initialization]
def __call__(self):
[run the code in question]

int, a size of the input. Aggregated per-element metrics are counted based on the size of the input.


int, number of times to run each benchmark.

Create new instance of BenchmarkConfig(benchmark, size, num_runs)

apache_beam.tools.utils.run_benchmarks(benchmark_suite, verbose=True)[source]

Runs benchmarks, and collects execution times.

A simple instrumentation to run a callable several times, collect and print its execution times.

  • benchmark_suite – A list of BenchmarkConfig.
  • verbose – bool, whether to print benchmark results to stdout.

A dictionary of the form string -> list of floats. Keys of the dictionary are benchmark names, values are execution times in seconds for each run.