apache_beam.utils.annotations module

Deprecated and experimental annotations.

For internal use only; no backwards-compatibility guarantees.

Annotations come in two flavors: deprecated and experimental

The ‘deprecated’ annotation requires a ‘since” parameter to specify what version deprecated it. Both ‘deprecated’ and ‘experimental’ annotations can specify the current recommended version to use by means of a ‘current’ parameter.

The following example illustrates how to annotate coexisting versions of the same function ‘multiply’.:

def multiply(arg1, arg2):
  print arg1, '*', arg2, '=',
  return arg1*arg2

# This annotation marks ‘old_multiply’ as deprecated since ‘v.1’ and suggests # using ‘multiply’ instead.:

@deprecated(since='v.1', current='multiply')
def old_multiply(arg1, arg2):
  result = 0
  for i in xrange(arg1):
      result += arg2
  print arg1, '*', arg2, '(the old way)=',
  return result

# This annotation marks ‘exp_multiply’ as experimental and suggests # using ‘multiply’ instead.:

@experimental(since='v.1', current='multiply')
def exp_multiply(arg1, arg2):
  print arg1, '*', arg2, '(the experimental way)=',
  return (arg1*arg2)*(arg1/arg2)*(arg2/arg1)

# Set a warning filter to control how often warnings are produced.:

print multiply(5, 6)
print old_multiply(5,6)
print exp_multiply(5,6)
apache_beam.utils.annotations.annotate(label, since, current, extra_message)[source]

Decorates a function with a deprecated or experimental annotation.

  • label – the kind of annotation (‘deprecated’ or ‘experimental’).
  • since – the version that causes the annotation.
  • current – the suggested replacement function.
  • extra_message – an optional additional message.

The decorator for the function.