Source code for apache_beam.testing.benchmarks.nexmark.models.nexmark_model

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"""Nexmark model.

The nexmark suite is a series of queries (streaming pipelines) performed
on a simulation of auction events. The model includes the three roles that
generate events:

  - The person who starts and auction or makes a bid (Person).
  - The auction item (Auction).
  - The bid on an item for auction (Bid).


[docs]class Person(object): "Author of an auction or a bid." def __init__( self, id, name, email, credit_card, city, state, timestamp, extra=None): = id = name = email # key self.credit_card = credit_card = city self.state = state self.timestamp = timestamp self.extra = extra def __repr__(self): return 'Person({id}, {email})'.format( **{ 'id':, 'email': })
[docs]class Auction(object): "Item for auction." def __init__( self, id, item_name, description, initial_bid, reserve_price, timestamp, expires, seller, category, extra=None): = id self.item_name = item_name # key self.description = description self.initial_bid = initial_bid self.reserve_price = reserve_price self.timestamp = timestamp self.expires = expires self.seller = seller self.category = category self.extra = extra def __repr__(self): return 'Auction({id}, {item_name})'.format( **{ 'id':, 'item_name': self.item_name })
[docs]class Bid(object): "A bid for an item for auction." def __init__(self, auction, bidder, price, timestamp, extra=None): = auction # key self.bidder = bidder self.price = price self.timestamp = timestamp self.extra = extra def __repr__(self): return 'Bid({auction}, {bidder}, {price})'.format( **{ 'auction':, 'bidder': self.bidder, 'price': self.price })