Python SDK Roadmap

Sunsetting Python 2 Support

The Apache Beam community voted to join the pledge to sunset Python 2 support in 2020. The Beam community will discontinue Python 2 support in 2020 and cannot guarantee long-term functional support or maintenance of Beam on Python 2. To ensure minimal disruption to your service, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to Python 3 as soon as possible.

Python 3 Support

Apache Beam 2.14.0 and higher support Python 3.5, 3.6, and 3.7. We’re continuing to improve the experience for Python 3 users and add support for Python 3.x minor versions (BEAM-8494):

Contributions and feedback are welcome!

If you are interested in helping, you can select an unassigned issue on the Kanban board and assign it to yourself. If you cannot assign the issue to yourself, comment on the issue. When submitting a new PR, please tag @aaltay, and @tvalentyn.

To report a Python 3 related issue, create a subtask in BEAM-1251 and cc: [~altay] and [~tvalentyn] in a JIRA comment. The best way to help us identify and investigate the issue is with a minimal pipeline that reproduces the issue.

You can also discuss encountered issues on user@ or dev@ mailing lists as appropriate.