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# Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
# contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file distributed with
# this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
# The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
# (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
# the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

Internal library for reading data from BigQuery.

import collections
import decimal
import json
import logging
import random
import time
import uuid
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING
from typing import Any
from typing import Dict
from typing import Iterable
from typing import List
from typing import Optional
from typing import Union

import apache_beam as beam
from apache_beam.coders import coders
from import _create_avro_source
from import CompressionTypes
from import FileSystems
from import bigquery_tools
from import create_bigquery_io_metadata
from import BoundedSource
from import _TextSource
from apache_beam.options.pipeline_options import GoogleCloudOptions
from apache_beam.options.pipeline_options import PipelineOptions
from apache_beam.options.value_provider import ValueProvider
from apache_beam.transforms import PTransform

  from import ReadFromBigQueryRequest

  from import DatasetReference
  from import TableReference
except ImportError:
  DatasetReference = None
  TableReference = None

_LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def bigquery_export_destination_uri( gcs_location_vp: Union[str, Optional[ValueProvider]], temp_location: Optional[str], unique_id: str, directory_only: bool = False, ) -> str: """Returns the fully qualified Google Cloud Storage URI where the extracted table should be written. """ file_pattern = 'bigquery-table-dump-*.json' gcs_location = None if gcs_location_vp is not None: if isinstance(gcs_location_vp, ValueProvider): gcs_location = gcs_location_vp.get() else: gcs_location = gcs_location_vp if gcs_location is not None: gcs_base = gcs_location elif temp_location is not None: gcs_base = temp_location _LOGGER.debug("gcs_location is empty, using temp_location instead") else: raise ValueError( 'ReadFromBigQuery requires a GCS location to be provided. Neither ' 'gcs_location in the constructor nor the fallback option ' '--temp_location is set.') if not unique_id: unique_id = uuid.uuid4().hex if directory_only: return FileSystems.join(gcs_base, unique_id) else: return FileSystems.join(gcs_base, unique_id, file_pattern)
class _PassThroughThenCleanup(PTransform): """A PTransform that invokes a DoFn after the input PCollection has been processed. DoFn should have arguments (element, side_input, cleanup_signal). Utilizes readiness of PCollection to trigger DoFn. """ def __init__(self, side_input=None): self.side_input = side_input def expand(self, input): class PassThrough(beam.DoFn): def process(self, element): yield element class RemoveExtractedFiles(beam.DoFn): def process(self, unused_element, unused_signal, gcs_locations): FileSystems.delete(list(gcs_locations)) main_output, cleanup_signal = input | beam.ParDo( PassThrough()).with_outputs( 'cleanup_signal', main='main') cleanup_input = input.pipeline | beam.Create([None]) _ = cleanup_input | beam.ParDo( RemoveExtractedFiles(), beam.pvalue.AsSingleton(cleanup_signal), self.side_input, ) return main_output class _PassThroughThenCleanupTempDatasets(PTransform): """A PTransform that invokes a DoFn after the input PCollection has been processed. DoFn should have arguments (element, side_input, cleanup_signal). Utilizes readiness of PCollection to trigger DoFn. """ def __init__(self, side_input=None): self.side_input = side_input def expand(self, input): pipeline_options = input.pipeline.options class PassThrough(beam.DoFn): def process(self, element): yield element class CleanUpProjects(beam.DoFn): def process(self, unused_element, unused_signal, pipeline_details): bq = bigquery_tools.BigQueryWrapper.from_pipeline_options( pipeline_options) pipeline_details = pipeline_details[0] if 'temp_table_ref' in pipeline_details.keys(): temp_table_ref = pipeline_details['temp_table_ref'] bq._clean_up_beam_labelled_temporary_datasets( project_id=temp_table_ref.projectId, dataset_id=temp_table_ref.datasetId, table_id=temp_table_ref.tableId) elif 'project_id' in pipeline_details.keys(): bq._clean_up_beam_labelled_temporary_datasets( project_id=pipeline_details['project_id'], labels=pipeline_details['bigquery_dataset_labels']) main_output, cleanup_signal = input | beam.ParDo( PassThrough()).with_outputs( 'cleanup_signal', main='main') cleanup_input = input.pipeline | beam.Create([None]) _ = cleanup_input | beam.ParDo( CleanUpProjects(), beam.pvalue.AsSingleton(cleanup_signal), self.side_input, ) return main_output class _BigQueryReadSplit(beam.transforms.DoFn): """Starts the process of reading from BigQuery. This transform will start a BigQuery export job, and output a number of file sources that are consumed downstream. """ def __init__( self, options: PipelineOptions, gcs_location: Union[str, ValueProvider] = None, use_json_exports: bool = False, bigquery_job_labels: Dict[str, str] = None, step_name: str = None, job_name: str = None, unique_id: str = None, kms_key: str = None, project: str = None, temp_dataset: Union[str, DatasetReference] = None, query_priority: Optional[str] = None): self.options = options self.use_json_exports = use_json_exports self.gcs_location = gcs_location self.bigquery_job_labels = bigquery_job_labels or {} self._step_name = step_name self._job_name = job_name or 'BQ_READ_SPLIT' self._source_uuid = unique_id self.kms_key = kms_key self.project = project self.temp_dataset = temp_dataset or 'bq_read_all_%s' % uuid.uuid4().hex self.query_priority = query_priority self.bq_io_metadata = None def display_data(self): return { 'use_json_exports': str(self.use_json_exports), 'gcs_location': str(self.gcs_location), 'bigquery_job_labels': json.dumps(self.bigquery_job_labels), 'kms_key': str(self.kms_key), 'project': str(self.project), 'temp_dataset': str(self.temp_dataset) } def _get_temp_dataset(self): if isinstance(self.temp_dataset, str): return DatasetReference( datasetId=self.temp_dataset, projectId=self._get_project()) else: return self.temp_dataset def process(self, element: 'ReadFromBigQueryRequest') -> Iterable[BoundedSource]: bq = bigquery_tools.BigQueryWrapper( temp_dataset_id=self._get_temp_dataset().datasetId, client=bigquery_tools.BigQueryWrapper._bigquery_client(self.options)) if element.query is not None: self._setup_temporary_dataset(bq, element) table_reference = self._execute_query(bq, element) else: assert element.table table_reference = bigquery_tools.parse_table_reference( element.table, project=self._get_project()) if not table_reference.projectId: table_reference.projectId = self._get_project() schema, metadata_list = self._export_files(bq, element, table_reference) for metadata in metadata_list: yield self._create_source(metadata.path, schema) if element.query is not None: bq._delete_table( table_reference.projectId, table_reference.datasetId, table_reference.tableId) if bq.created_temp_dataset: self._clean_temporary_dataset(bq, element) def _get_bq_metadata(self): if not self.bq_io_metadata: self.bq_io_metadata = create_bigquery_io_metadata(self._step_name) return self.bq_io_metadata def _create_source(self, path, schema): if not self.use_json_exports: return _create_avro_source(path) else: return _TextSource( path, min_bundle_size=0, compression_type=CompressionTypes.UNCOMPRESSED, strip_trailing_newlines=True, coder=_JsonToDictCoder(schema)) def _setup_temporary_dataset( self, bq: bigquery_tools.BigQueryWrapper, element: 'ReadFromBigQueryRequest'): location = bq.get_query_location( self._get_project(), element.query, not element.use_standard_sql) bq.create_temporary_dataset(self._get_project(), location) def _clean_temporary_dataset( self, bq: bigquery_tools.BigQueryWrapper, element: 'ReadFromBigQueryRequest'): bq.clean_up_temporary_dataset(self._get_project()) def _execute_query( self, bq: bigquery_tools.BigQueryWrapper, element: 'ReadFromBigQueryRequest'): query_job_name = bigquery_tools.generate_bq_job_name( self._job_name, self._source_uuid, bigquery_tools.BigQueryJobTypes.QUERY, '%s_%s' % (int(time.time()), random.randint(0, 1000))) job = bq._start_query_job( self._get_project(), element.query, not element.use_standard_sql, element.flatten_results, job_id=query_job_name, priority=self.query_priority, kms_key=self.kms_key, job_labels=self._get_bq_metadata().add_additional_bq_job_labels( self.bigquery_job_labels)) job_ref = job.jobReference bq.wait_for_bq_job(job_ref, max_retries=0) return bq._get_temp_table(self._get_project()) def _export_files( self, bq: bigquery_tools.BigQueryWrapper, element: 'ReadFromBigQueryRequest', table_reference: TableReference): """Runs a BigQuery export job. Returns: bigquery.TableSchema instance, a list of FileMetadata instances """ job_labels = self._get_bq_metadata().add_additional_bq_job_labels( self.bigquery_job_labels) export_job_name = bigquery_tools.generate_bq_job_name( self._job_name, self._source_uuid, bigquery_tools.BigQueryJobTypes.EXPORT, element.obj_id) temp_location = self.options.view_as(GoogleCloudOptions).temp_location gcs_location = bigquery_export_destination_uri( self.gcs_location, temp_location, '%s%s' % (self._source_uuid, element.obj_id)) try: if self.use_json_exports: job_ref = bq.perform_extract_job([gcs_location], export_job_name, table_reference, bigquery_tools.FileFormat.JSON, project=self._get_project(), job_labels=job_labels, include_header=False) else: job_ref = bq.perform_extract_job([gcs_location], export_job_name, table_reference, bigquery_tools.FileFormat.AVRO, project=self._get_project(), include_header=False, job_labels=job_labels, use_avro_logical_types=True) bq.wait_for_bq_job(job_ref) except Exception as exn: # pylint: disable=broad-except # The error messages thrown in this case are generic and misleading, # so leave this breadcrumb in case it's the root cause. logging.warning( "Error exporting table: %s. " "Note that external tables cannot be exported: " "" "#external_table_limitations", exn) raise metadata_list = FileSystems.match([gcs_location])[0].metadata_list if isinstance(table_reference, ValueProvider): table_ref = bigquery_tools.parse_table_reference( element.table, project=self._get_project()) else: table_ref = table_reference table = bq.get_table( table_ref.projectId, table_ref.datasetId, table_ref.tableId) return table.schema, metadata_list def _get_project(self): """Returns the project that queries and exports will be billed to.""" project = self.options.view_as(GoogleCloudOptions).project if isinstance(project, ValueProvider): project = project.get() if not project: project = self.project return project FieldSchema = collections.namedtuple('FieldSchema', 'fields mode name type') class _JsonToDictCoder(coders.Coder): """A coder for a JSON string to a Python dict.""" def __init__(self, table_schema): self.fields = self._convert_to_tuple(table_schema.fields) self._converters = { 'INTEGER': int, 'INT64': int, 'FLOAT': float, 'FLOAT64': float, 'NUMERIC': self._to_decimal, 'BYTES': self._to_bytes, } @staticmethod def _to_decimal(value): return decimal.Decimal(value) @staticmethod def _to_bytes(value): """Converts value from str to bytes.""" return value.encode('utf-8') @classmethod def _convert_to_tuple(cls, table_field_schemas): """Recursively converts the list of TableFieldSchema instances to the list of tuples to prevent errors when pickling and unpickling TableFieldSchema instances. """ if not table_field_schemas: return [] return [ FieldSchema(cls._convert_to_tuple(x.fields), x.mode,, x.type) for x in table_field_schemas ] def decode(self, value): value = json.loads(value.decode('utf-8')) return self._decode_row(value, self.fields) def _decode_row(self, row: Dict[str, Any], schema_fields: List[FieldSchema]): for field in schema_fields: if not in row: # The field exists in the schema, but it doesn't exist in this row. # It probably means its value was null, as the extract to JSON job # doesn't preserve null fields row[] = None continue if field.mode == 'REPEATED': for i, elem in enumerate(row[]): row[][i] = self._decode_data(elem, field) else: row[] = self._decode_data(row[], field) return row def _decode_data(self, obj: Any, field: FieldSchema): if not field.fields: try: return self._converters[field.type](obj) except KeyError: # No need to do any conversion return obj return self._decode_row(obj, field.fields) def is_deterministic(self): return True def to_type_hint(self): return dict