Source code for apache_beam.typehints.sharded_key_type

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# contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file distributed with
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"""Type constraint for `ShardedKey`.

Can be used like a type-hint, for instance,

The type constraint is registered to be associated with
Mostly for internal use.

# pytype: skip-file

from apache_beam import coders
from apache_beam.typehints import typehints
from apache_beam.utils.sharded_key import ShardedKey

[docs]class ShardedKeyTypeConstraint(typehints.TypeConstraint, metaclass=typehints.GetitemConstructor): def __init__(self, key_type): typehints.validate_composite_type_param( key_type, error_msg_prefix='Parameter to ShardedKeyType hint') self.key_type = typehints.normalize(key_type) def _inner_types(self): yield self.key_type def _consistent_with_check_(self, sub): return ( isinstance(sub, self.__class__) and typehints.is_consistent_with(sub.key_type, self.key_type))
[docs] def type_check(self, instance): if not isinstance(instance, ShardedKey): raise typehints.CompositeTypeHintError( "ShardedKey type-constraint violated. Valid object instance " "must be of type 'ShardedKey'. Instead, an instance of '%s' " "was received." % (instance.__class__.__name__)) try: typehints.check_constraint(self.key_type, instance.key) except (typehints.CompositeTypeHintError, typehints.SimpleTypeHintError): raise typehints.CompositeTypeHintError( "%s type-constraint violated. The type of key in 'ShardedKey' " "is incorrect. Expected an instance of type '%s', " "instead received an instance of type '%s'." % (repr(self), repr(self.key_type), instance.key.__class__.__name__))
[docs] def match_type_variables(self, concrete_type): if isinstance(concrete_type, ShardedKeyTypeConstraint): return typehints.match_type_variables( self.key_type, concrete_type.key_type) return {}
def __eq__(self, other): return isinstance( other, ShardedKeyTypeConstraint) and self.key_type == other.key_type def __hash__(self): return hash(self.key_type) def __repr__(self): return 'ShardedKey[%s]' % repr(self.key_type)
ShardedKeyType = ShardedKeyTypeConstraint coders.typecoders.registry.register_coder( ShardedKeyType, coders.ShardedKeyCoder)