apache_beam.testing.pipeline_verifiers module

End-to-end test result verifiers

A set of verifiers that are used in end-to-end tests to verify state/output of test pipeline job. Customized verifier should extend hamcrest.core.base_matcher.BaseMatcher and override _matches.

class apache_beam.testing.pipeline_verifiers.PipelineStateMatcher(expected_state='DONE')[source]

Bases: hamcrest.core.base_matcher.BaseMatcher

Matcher that verify pipeline job terminated in expected state

Matcher compares the actual pipeline terminate state with expected. By default, PipelineState.DONE is used as expected state.

describe_mismatch(pipeline_result, mismatch_description)[source]

Filter allowing retries on file I/O errors and service error.

class apache_beam.testing.pipeline_verifiers.FileChecksumMatcher(file_path, expected_checksum, sleep_secs=None)[source]

Bases: hamcrest.core.base_matcher.BaseMatcher

Matcher that verifies file(s) content by comparing file checksum.

Use apache_beam.io.filebasedsink to fetch file(s) from given path. File checksum is a hash string computed from content of file(s).

Initialize a FileChecksumMatcher object

  • file_path – A string that is the full path of output file. This path can contain globs.
  • expected_checksum – A hash string that is computed from expected result.
  • sleep_secs – Number of seconds to wait before verification start. Extra time are given to make sure output files are ready on FS.
describe_mismatch(pipeline_result, mismatch_description)[source]