apache_beam.runners.interactive.testing.integration.notebook_executor module

Module to execute jupyter notebooks and gather the output into renderable HTML files.

class apache_beam.runners.interactive.testing.integration.notebook_executor.NotebookExecutor(path)[source]

Bases: object

Executor that reads notebooks, executes it and gathers outputs into static HTML pages that can be served.


Cleans up the output folder.


Executes all notebooks found in the scoped path and gathers their outputs into HTML pages stored in the output folder.


Mapping from execution ids to output html page paths.

An execution/test id is an obfuscated value from the executed notebook path. It identifies the input notebook, the output html, the screenshot of the output html, and the golden screenshot for comparison.


The directory’s path to all the output html pages generated.


Mapping from input notebook paths to their obfuscated execution ids.

class apache_beam.runners.interactive.testing.integration.notebook_executor.IFrameParser[source]

Bases: html.parser.HTMLParser

A parser to extract iframe content from given HTML.

handle_starttag(tag, attrs)[source]