apache_beam.io.gcp.datastore.v1new.datastore_write_it_pipeline module

A job that write Entries into Datastore.

The pipelines behave in the steps below.

  1. Create and write Entities to Datastore
  2. (Optional) If read limit was provided, read it and confirm that the expected Entities were read.
  3. Query the written Entities and verify result.
  4. Delete Entries.
  5. Query the written Entities, verify no results.
apache_beam.io.gcp.datastore.v1new.datastore_write_it_pipeline.new_pipeline_with_job_name(pipeline_options, job_name, suffix)[source]

Create a pipeline with the given job_name and a suffix.

class apache_beam.io.gcp.datastore.v1new.datastore_write_it_pipeline.EntityWrapper(kind, parent_key)[source]

Bases: object

Create a Cloud Datastore entity from the given string.

Namespace and project are taken from the parent key.


Create entity from given string.


Main entry point.